Designed, not adapted

NeUll's e-cigarettes are the new, safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. NeUll's is "powered by" the cutting edge technology of Emperor Brands 1963™, and features a unique design with its proprietary, transparent packaging.

NeUll's single-use e-cigarettes features

Safety Enclosure

  • Soft-to-the-touch plastic enclosure
  • Clear to maintain visual identification of all components
  • Less than 4 inches in length

Vaporizing Fluid

NeUll's uses only 4 simple ingredients:

  • Water
  • Food flavoring
  • Vaporizing fluid (propylene glycol as used in asthma inhalers)
  • Nicotine (18mg)

Heat Generating Coil

Heats and vaporizes the NeUll's fluid with the first gold plated coil for enhanced product safety

Inhalation Pressure Microsensor

Detects inhalation pressure

Battery Usage Microcontroller

Regulates battery consumption


Extremely low voltage, low amperage, Lithium Ion single-use battery

Microchip LED

LED glows when inhalation detected


NeUll's are pre-packaged in boxes of 12, with each e-cigarette sealed in a clear, crush resistant air-pak.